The artist’s job is not to transpose something he’s seen but to express the impact the object made on him, on his constitution, the shock of it and the original reaction.

-Henri Matisse
Contemporary Artist, Heather Scott, at Half Moon Bay

Art is part of my soul, I need to make art! I see the world connected through lines, textures, angles, and emotion. When I create a piece of art, my goal is to capture the nature of a chosen theme abstractly and communicate its essence.

The creative process is about diving deep into my soul and imagination, letting my hands and mind work together with my heart to create shapes, designs, and images that communicate how I relate to the world. Through my art I hope to evoke positive feelings and exchanges with other people. 

And, of course, I have fun creating, learning, and sharing all of this with you!

Together we can bring  more beauty and passion to the world by sharing art with one another.


Hi, my name is Heather Scott!

I was raised in the foothills of California where I spent much of my childhood creating art from the beauty around us. I would spend many of my childhood summers outside drawing scenes of the mountains, rivers, and historic towns that surround us.

With my passion for art growing, I traveled to the Univeristy of Hawaii at Manoa to pursue my degree in Studio Art. While in college I began experimenting with mitsuro and became captivated by the way I was able to pull, twist, and fold pieces by hand to create interesting designs.

After college, I returned to the Sacramento area. I continued to experiment with mitsuro and create drawings and paintings. It took me five years to create the mitsuro formula that I use in my mitsuro jewelry pieces today. This formula is unique to me and the pieces that I create with it.

I continue to create new works, in the form of jewelry and wall art. My current works are still inspired by the world around me and my experiences. I love waves, flowers, and the cities that I’ve visited. I believe that together we can bring more beauty and passion to the world by sharing art with one another. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my art with you.

A me ke aloha,

Heather Scott


Mitsuro is an ancient Japanese lost wax casting technique involving hand manipulation of a malleable wax to create unique designs. Since it is not commercially available, the process begins by cooking specific ratios of different materials together to create the Mitsuro. After cooling, the wax is heated to body temperature and hand manipulated by pulling, twisting, and folding. During this process, delicate striations, called hikime, are created in the Mitsuro wax to lend to the organic shapes and nature inspired designs that Heather Scott utilizes in her sculptural wearable art jewelry. Accentuation of the striations and textures are created during the finishing process by patination and selective polishing. This technique adds a striking contrast in the fine contours of Heather’s works.

Heather spent five years perfecting her mitsuro recipe that she created for her elegant handcrafted jewelry pieces.

  • Flowing Swirl Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • mitsurowax
  • Hard_At_Work
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  • otc_008
  • wpid-img_20140614_202856154.jpg
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  • Silver Pendant with a Flowing Shape