First Solo Show in a Gallery

Getting art on a wall, in a gallery, out in the world so it can live! These are all things that most artists who make art their profession can agree that they work towards. I have been lucky to have been in many shows where I have exhibited one or two of my pieces. I had a solo show, in 2002, at a hospital but at that time I was so new and so young that I didn’t have a cohesive body of work or any experience or direction that I wanted to go in. These have all been valid and educational experiences and they’re part of what make me the artist that I am today.

Having a show in a gallery is what I have been working towards. To have an entire series held by those beautiful white walls that are there to hold and show off art with the gallery lights illuminating the work just right. This has been sitting in the gallery in my head for, probably, ever.

I’m very excited to announce that the Temporary Contemporary Gallery in Sacramento, CA  has invited me to show my drawings in one of their gallery rooms in February 2014! I will be showing my “Growing” series and another series that is currently in progress! A couple weeks ago I met with the Gallery Owner and the Curator to show them my portfolio, discuss details, and to see the space. I’m really excited about the space that I will be showing in! I think it is going to compliment both series very well and hopefully create discussion.

Currently, there is not a date set for the opening of the show. I will keep everyone updated as the show gets closer!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me in my art career so far! I have a lot of work to do in preparation for the show and will keep you updated on my progress!