Lotus Engagement Ring

I had the pleasure of creating a custom lotus engagement ring for a very special client. They said they like the flowing designs and delicate textures I create with my mitsuro pieces and asked that those elements be incorporated into a lotus engagement ring. This ring is definitely different from many other pieces I’ve created in the past. The design took a great amount of experimentation to find the best way to create the lovely little lotus.

Lotus Engagement Ring in Mitsuro WaxThis wax model was the moment where I knew this was the design!

I made about fifteen different flower designs. Some ended up in a pile of squished wax and others were more promising and still sit on my bench as a reminder of the process. Part of what I love about being an artist is the mystery of the piece that’s going to be created. I don’t know exactly how a piece is going to look or come together until it happens.

Not yet assembled lotus engagement ringHere is the lotus flower an the shank right after being cast in white gold and just barely cleaned up.

Lotus Engagement Ring With Prong SettingIt’s so exciting to see a piece starting to come together! After assembling the shank, flower, and prong setting I couldn’t wait to set the stone in the ring!

Lotus Engagement Ring Profile ViewI love the profile view of the lotus flower and ring! The box is handmade by another local artist I know.

Lotus Engagement RingAfter seeing the stone set and the lotus engagement ring finished, I completely fell in love with it. I didn’t want it to go!

I only had the completed ring in my possession for a few hours before the client came to pick it up. My passion, creativity, love, and soul go into each piece I create. Sometimes, when I finish a piece and there’s not much time until its delivery, there’s a moment of separation anxiety. It’s like a part of me left. It’s not a bad thing, I’m glad I love each thing I create so much and I’m sure that others will too. With this ring, the client loved it very very much. He said it was perfect for his Lotus and that she was going to love all the details.

He proposed in Hawaii and she said YES! After the proposal she told me that whenever she wears it she feels even more beautiful! That, my friends, for me, is the best compliment in the world.

I wish them all the happiness and aloha on continuing their adventure together!


On a side note, this weekend 4/2/16-4/3/16 I’ll be at High Hand Gallery in Loomis, CA for their annual Art Fest! For more information please click here! It’s a free event and open to the public, so please feel free to invite others through the Facebook invitation also! I hope to see you there!