Mirror Mirror

Today I was reminded of the inquisitive and philosophical child I was. In the 5th or 6th grade I remember pondering about image and the way we view ourselves. I remember wondering if how I saw myself in the mirror was the same way everyone else saw me or if what other people saw was completely different than what I saw. In a way both seem accurate. I realized people must see one another at least in a similar way because artists produce portraits and these portraits look like or at least similar to the person we all see. But because we all have a different relationship with each person we see them in different ways. The way I see a friend who is taller than me will be different from their friend that is taller than them because of perspective. Or the way I perceive a friend who I’m very close with will differ from the way I view an acquaintance.

Each person we encounter sees us similarly with their eyes but views who we are individually resulting in each person perceiving us slightly differently. It’s always intriguing to see how someone else sees you in their minds eye through artwork or photography and how it may be similar or different to how you see yourself in the mirror.

It’s rare that I create a self portrait but it seemed appropriate to create one today. I also included a portrait Douglas Cheuk, an artist friend of mine, drew of me recently.

Self Portrait by Heather Scott

“Self Portrait”
Heather Scott
Charcoal on Paper


“Portrait of Heather Scott”
Douglas Cheuk
Graphite on Paper