Small Works in the Foothills at ASiF

Last Friday, November 9, 2012, was the opening of the Small Works in the Foothills Holiday Show and Sale at ASiF Studio in Grass Valley, CA.

These are my pieces that are in the show!

When I walked into the opening of the show I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and artworks in the space! It was absolutely fantastic! There was easily over 1000 pieces of artwork in just about every medium imaginable!

Here are a few of the ones I found the most interesting:

Mary Deleray Russel
Tropic Wind
Ink & Colored Pencil

I found Mary Deleray Russel’s work very interesting because it’s whimsical and imaginative. I also really enjoy the way she combines ink and colored pencil. When you look at her work at first you really think it’s a watercolor the way she fades colors into one another until you read the tag.

Susan Crocenzi
Bits of You & Bits of Me

Susan Crocenzi’s mosaic piece really caught my eye. I really enjoy the colors and shape of this mosaic piece.  The photo above it is, I believe, Susan’s studio space. There were mosaic pieces everywhere! The warm colors that she uses in her mosaics is what really draws me to her work.

Mark Einert
Untitled VII
Blown Glass Pumpkin

Mark Einert had many glass gourds in the show. I enjoyed this particular one because of the iridescence and the cool colors that are apparent in the glass. I also love the stem of the gourd because the textures remind me of the hikime textures I get in my Mitsuro pieces.

Ed Hensley
Snail I
Photo on Metal

My friend and I had the pleasure of actually getting to talk with Ed Hensley about his work. He had several photo pieces on metal in the show but the one that struck me as the most interesting was this snail. He said that he spent an entire morning doing a photo shoot with this little guy. I really love how the translucency of the snails body is accentuated by being printed on the reflective metal.


Kathryn Wronski

Kathryn Wronski’s animal portraits were very well done. I enjoyed seeing her studio space and how she creates her pieces. I love how she gives all the animals she paints personality and isn’t afraid to make it look like a painting. I like that you can see a lot of the brush strokes in her pieces. I thought I had gotten a photo of one of her cow paintings too but it looks like I didn’t. If you ever get the chance to go into her studio look at the cow paintings they were my favorite.

I saw lots of pieces being sold that night! What’s fantastic about this show is that it’s up until January 5th, 2013 and when one piece sells it’s replaced with another piece! So the show is constantly changing and evolving. So, if you were there at the opening and you went into the gallery today there would be pieces up that you hadn’t seen yet!

If you would like to visit the gallery, a great day to do that would be Saturday December 8th, 2012 for the Trunk Show from 10am-5pm! I’ll be there with a couple of other jewelry artists demonstrating my Mitsuro jewelry technique.

If you’re interested in any of the pieces you see in my blog or in visiting the gallery please contact ASiF Studio!