Creation Station

I have a new creation station!Smiling_Artist It’s charming and steady and practical and perfect for my studio. Some people may think that it’s a desk, and in a sense, it is my desk that I sit at to do my work. But it’s also more than that. My bench is where imagination and material unite in personal expression.




I’ve been wanting a bench for a while, and I thought I could make due with old kitchen tables and hand-me-down tools, but there’s truth in the saying, “Using the right tool for the job.” Now that my supplies are stored away in their places and my tools have a real home, I’m more motivated than ever to create new works and bring my ideas to life.



So I have to say, thanks! Thank you to the jeweler who took care of my workbench. Thank you for keeping it in perfect condition until it found its way to me. Buying my bench is a promise to myself and everyone who supports my jewelry that I’ll continue to do what I’m meant to do; create beautiful and engaging art to share with the world.