Wave Necklace Design Process

I’m often asked about how I create my pieces. Usually, I only have time to share the mitsuro portion of my jewelry design process with people who I meet. Today I want to share with you some of the design process that combines traditional elements with the mitsuro. Sometimes I’ll cast a piece of mitsuro that has a fate that is yet to be determined. These pieces sit in my studio till I create the right design for them.

I had the wave portion of this pendant in my studio for months before I finally created a design that balanced the striking shape and flow of the wave. Similarly, the yellow sapphire had been waiting for just the right piece to accentuate.  Sapphires are associated with wisdom and have been worn for good fortune, protection, kindness, and wise judgment.  Maybe the sapphire had a little to do with helping to get my creative energy flowing to design this pendant. 😉

Here’s a video of this part of my jewelry design process:

Deciding how to hang a pendant from a chain is always a challenge. There needs to be balance and you need to decide how the hanging mechanism is going to play into the pendant design. I wanted the hanging mechanism to help hold the wave at the appropriate angle since the piece is a little heavier on one side than the other. I decided on a tubing that could be hidden behind the top of the pendant that the chain fit through. This way the hanging mechanism isn’t interfering with the design of the wave pendant but the piece is balanced when worn.


I’ve just started incorporating more stones into my designs. I hope you enjoy seeing how they accentuate each piece as much as I do. Thanks for letting me share a little more of my creative process with you!

To purchase this piece please contact the General Gomez Gallery 530.745.4230

If you’re interested in stones this is a pretty fun book: Gem and Stone: Jewels of Earth, Sea, and Sky